Use the links below to find information to prepare for college, explore careers, and find local internship and training opportunities.


How do I plan for college?

Visit this site for a complete college planning checklist.

How do I prep for SATs?

Visit this site for free SAT test prep.

How do I pay for school?

Find local college financial aid office info and additional resources to help you with college financing.

How do I find local scholarships?

Find scholarship opportunities that are specific to the Monterey Bay Area.

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How do I choose a career?

Take a career assessment, explore which local careers are in demand, and much more!

How do I find local internships?

Search for college-level internship opportunities in the Monterey Bay Area.

How do I gain skills?

Learn about resources to start developing your skills and opportunities to participate in local programs.

How do I build a resume?

Sign up and start building your resume for free on Monterey Bay Career Coach.