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In-demand COVID-19 Jobs

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Allied Health Care

There is a looming demand for approximately 500,000 new allied healthcare workers by 2024 in California alone, with an annual need of 65,000+ workers. Once students complete programs and receive their credentials, Futuro Health assists with the transition into high-demand allied healthcare jobs while providing businesses with a high-quality workforce.

View of Allied Health & Nursing Programs:

Futuro Health Allied Health Programs

Futuro Health Pandemic Readiness Courses and Programs

Cabrillo College Allied Health Programs

CSU Monterey Bay Nursing Program

Gavilan College Allied Health Programs

Hartnell Nursing & Allied Health Programs


Develop Skills and Training Resources


Develop Skills

Learn about resources to start developing your skills and opportunities to participate in local programs.


Considering a career change? Discover your potential with the Jobscan’s career change tool, which allows users to upload their resume to discover the next steps for their career.

SkillUp Monterey

SkillUp Monterey provides a free, flexible way for job seekers to brush up on their skills. With things changing at a fast pace, online learning is one of the best ways to keep skills sharp. Whether taking hour-long courses or watching short videos, online learning is convenient and always available.


The MyInnerGenius® Career Fit assessment will match you to careers that fit your natural skills, abilities, and personality regardless of education or background. After you take the assessment, the system will provide a list of customized job roles, career options, and learning paths that will be a great fit for you.


In our ever-changing world of business, job seekers and other learners need fresh skills to take on technical careers. Business owners and managers need the know-how to successfully navigate a digital economy. SkillsBuild for Reignite seeks to help those thirsting for skills and knowledge. Explore free resources!


Use Emsi’s SkillsMatch tool to review the skills you’ve acquired and get matched to job opportunities based on your skills.

Talent Exchange

Talent Exchange helps workers impacted by COVID-19 get matched with the right jobs.


When your skills grow, so do your opportunities. Worthi is a free tool that helps you grow your skills with online courses, so you can take control of your future and build your worth.

Explore careers and jobs

Explore Careers

Take a career assessment, explore which local careers are in demand, and find live job postings to apply for on

Career Pathways

Discover in-demand career pathways by location or industry locally and state-wide.


Every good job search needs a system to enable a systematic, purposeful journey. Jobspeaker helps students stay empowered at every stage of the job search — with online management tools, instructional videos, and a collaborative environment that keeps them engaged and ready for the workforce. Sign-up for free!


You can search and find jobs on LinkedIn and the site offers salary information and interview preparation.

Onward CA

Onward CA is a one-stop resource for the people of California impacted by job loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Training options to upskill, reskill, and start a new career. Start your Job Search today!

Resume and Interview Resources


Resume Builder

Sign up and start building your resume for free on Monterey Bay Career Coach.

Optimize your Resume

Emsi offers a new skills-based tool to optimize your resume for the type of job that you would like to apply for.

remote interviews

Fair Chance Hiring

Bounce Back

Bounce Back provides tools and resources to help system-impacted applicants to secure gainful employment and helps employers implement Fair Chance Hiring processes into their businesses.

Caltrans Parolee Work Crew Program

The Caltrans Parolee Work Crew Program provides transitional employment through litter abatement services for the Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The GSW program provides life skills education, employment preparation, transitional employment, permanent job placement, appropriate case management, and employment retention services.

California Reentry Program

CA Reentry Program assists people incarcerated in California prisons to a successful reentry by providing education and connecting them to resources before releasing with the goal to reduce recidivism.

Day Reporting Center (DRC) & Community-Based Coalition (CBC)

The Day Reporting Center (DRC) and the Community-Based Coalition (CBC) offers a “one-stop-shop” comprehensive service delivery program designed to address the assessed needs of parolee participants, including Education/GED Preparation and Employment Services.

Jails to Jobs

Jails to Jobs is a nonprofit organization that gives previously incarcerated and soon-to-be-released men and women the tools they need to find employment. It educates and informs this population through workshops in jails and prisons in Northern California.

Jobs for Felons Hub

Jobs for Felons Hub has in-depth lists of jobs for felons by city and state, companies that hire felons, job training resources, a job board, and more!

U.S. Department of Labor Reentry Employment Opportunities (REO)

The Reentry Employment Opportunities (REO) program provides funding for justice-involved youth and young adults and adults who were formerly incarcerated.

Volunteers of America (VOA) Northern California & Northern Nevada

Volunteers of America Northern California & Northern Nevada provide social services in the region, programs include employment services to families, individuals, veterans, seniors, and youth.