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Take a career assessment, explore which local careers are in demand, and find live job postings to apply for on


Career Pathways

Discover in-demand career pathways by location or industry locally and state-wide.



Every good job search needs a system to enable a systematic, purposeful journey. Jobspeaker helps students stay empowered at every stage of the job search — with online management tools, instructional videos, and a collaborative environment that keeps them engaged and ready for the workforce. Sign-up for free!



You can search and find jobs on LinkedIn and the site offers salary information and interview preparation.


Onward CA

Onward CA is a one-stop resource for the people of California impacted by job loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Training options to upskill, reskill, and start a new career. Start your Job Search today!




Resume Builder

Sign up and start building your resume for free on Monterey Bay Career Coach.


Optimize your Resume

Emsi offers a new skills-based tool to optimize your resume for the type of job that you would like to apply for.


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Develop Skills

Learn about resources to start developing your skills and opportunities to participate in local programs.


Metrix Learning

Metrix Learning offers training for over 100 in-demand certifications; programs include industry-approved online courses, practice tests, and test vouchers to help learners get certified in 30-90 days. Residents in Monterey County can access Metrix Learning for free, sign-up here.



Use Emsi's SkillsMatch tool to review the skills you've acquired and get matched to job opportunities based on your skills.