Develop Skills and Training Resources


Brookings Mobility Pathways

Navigating the labor market as a job seeker can be overwhelming. This tool aims to un-muddy the waters by illuminating realistic upward pathways through the labor market. Learn more about how to use the Mobility Pathways tool before you get started.

Develop Skills

Learn about resources to start developing your skills and opportunities to participate in local programs.


Considering a career change? Discover your potential with the Jobscan’s career change tool, which allows users to upload their resume to discover the next steps for their career.

SkillUp Monterey

SkillUp Monterey provides a free, flexible way for job seekers to brush up on their skills. With things changing at a fast pace, online learning is one of the best ways to keep skills sharp. Whether taking hour-long courses or watching short videos, online learning is convenient and always available.


The MyInnerGenius® Career Fit assessment will match you to careers that fit your natural skills, abilities, and personality regardless of education or background. After you take the assessment, the system will provide a list of customized job roles, career options, and learning paths that will be a great fit for you.


In our ever-changing world of business, job seekers and other learners need fresh skills to take on technical careers. Business owners and managers need the know-how to successfully navigate a digital economy. SkillsBuild for Reignite seeks to help those thirsting for skills and knowledge. Explore free resources!


Use Emsi’s SkillsMatch tool to review the skills you’ve acquired and get matched to job opportunities based on your skills.

Talent Exchange

Talent Exchange helps workers impacted by COVID-19 get matched with the right jobs.


When your skills grow, so do your opportunities. Worthi is a free tool that helps you grow your skills with online courses, so you can take control of your future and build your worth.