MBEP Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are college-level or graduate students enrolled at a higher education institution in the Monterey Bay region (Cabrillo College, CSU Monterey Bay, Hartnell College, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey Peninsula College, UC Santa Cruz) who participate in work-based learning at Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) with the opportunity to earn a stipend or academic credit.

SABRA CARMAN, Cabrillo College | Jan 2021 – Current

Sabra is currently finishing up her Associates in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Cabrillo College, and is planning to transfer to UC Santa Cruz this fall where she will double major in Environmental Studies and Feminist Studies. She looks forward to working with the local Monterey Bay community in finding sustainable solutions to help combat climate change, and to keep our local environment healthy and beautiful. She hopes to gain more knowledge regarding sustainability and to improve her communication and public speaking skills. Sabra believes that the knowledge and skills she will gain as a Student Ambassador will help her in her future career in environmental conservation and advocacy. She is providing technical assistance to MBEP Member, Monterey County, on their Zero Waste Initiative. Sabra is passionate about the health of our environment, the well being of animals, gender and racial equality, and helping others whenever she sees a chance. She hopes to use these passions to bring positive change during her time as a Student Ambassador, as well as in the future!


Crystal Cheung, UC Santa Cruz | Jan 2021 – Current

Crystal Cheung is a fourth year Business Management Economics major at UC Santa Cruz. She is from San Francisco, California and she has a passion for pursuing a career in Marketing. As a hobby, Crystal enjoys making dainty jewelry and hopes to one day launch her own small business. She is looking forward to joining the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership program to further develop skills in marketing/social media marketing and to gain valuable experiences with other enthusiastic students.


HAZEL CHOI, San Jose State Univ | City of Seaside | Jan 2021 – Current

Haeseo (Hazel) Choi is a candidate at San Jose State University obtaining her master’s in urban planning. She is a GIS technician at SJSU and an associate editor at APA Northern Section News. As an MBEP Student Ambassador, she is working with the Transportation Agency of Monterey County (TAMC) on their telework survey and policy research to mitigate traffic congestion and improve air quality. She is looking forward to learning and developing transportation knowledge and building community connection. In her spare time, she enjoys backpacking, biking, and planting.


GENESIS DEL RIO, Monterey Peninsula College + San Francisco State Univ | Nov 2020 – Current

Born and raised in the Salinas Valley to immigrant parents from Mexico after high school Genesis worked closely with the families of East Salinas in after-school programs. Genesis fell in love with the children and their stories. After receiving her A.A. in Social Science from Monterey Peninsula College she moved to San Francisco where she’s currently working for her B.A. in Cinema. Genesis is excited to learn closely from members of her community thanks to Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s Student Ambassador Internship program. She is looking forward to curating a short video production on the program in addition to supporting the Monterey County Gives fundraising campaign and other creative projects as an MBEP Student Ambassador. Genesis stays active by daily walks down Ocean Beach and staying connected to her older sisters. Genesis enjoys Sunday brunch and finding thrifting spots. Aside from film school obligations. She likes driving back home to Salinas and spending time with her nieces and nephew.


KARINA GUZMAN, Hartnell College + CSU Monterey Bay | Nov 2020 – Current

Currently, Karina is a student ambassador for Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP), focusing on the Climate Action Planning-Net Zero Facilities Plan in the county of Monterey. She is currently receiving her A.S. Biology at Hartnell College and is transferring to CSU Monterey Bay to receive her B.S. Environmental Science. Her current goal is to become more literate in terms of sustainability. Additionally, she is seeking to be involved in the community, sharing the importance of sustainability, and implementing efficiency into lifestyles concerning the usage of chemicals, food products, and a plethora of issues being a consumer. Karina views sustainability as an under-minded issue all over the world. In terms of homes, small businesses, and big corporations, she is aware that it is a team effort in conserving the planet we inhabit. She supports the numerous countries (such as the UK, Ireland, and Canada) that have announced some form of national climate emergency, and hopes that America supports aiding in the emergency as a whole population. Karina is supporting MBEP Member, Monterey County, on their Rebuild Monterey program where she is researching sustainable building techniques and developing a brochure to share county-wide. 


MEHUL KAMRAN, UC Santa Cruz | Dec 2020 – Current

Mehul is a rising senior at UC Santa Cruz studying Environmental Studies and Economics. He’s been passionate about sustainability since high school and wants to help businesses make sustainability a priority. In his spare time, he loves hiking, playing basketball, and playing video games. Mehul is really excited about working with local businesses and government agencies! He loves seeing businesses take initiative to become sustainable, and hopes to gain some experience in helping businesses become more sustainable and meet some new people that share his passion for sustainability. As a Student Ambassador at MBEP, he is working on two projects: an ROI analysis with MBEP Member, Driscoll’s, and a ROSI (return on sustainability investment) playbook with three other MBEP Student Ambassadors. 


YARA KHAMIS, UC Santa Barbara Graduate | City of Marina Resident | Nov 2020 – Current

Yara is a Monterey Bay area Native who has recently just finished her undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara in Political Science. She is currently planning out her next steps while living back at home in Marina and taking courses at Monterey Peninsula Colleges to further her education in Statistical Analysis. Her ultimate career goals are to be involved in policy analysis and creating effective legislation. She believes that being a part of the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s student ambassador internship program will allow her to pave that path for herself. As a Student Ambassador, she is helping with the development of a Climate Grant/Loan search engine coming soon to MBEP’s Climate Change initiative webpage. She is organizing and researching grants specific to climate change and sustainability that would help individuals, businesses and government entities fulfill their green goals and protect the planet along the way.  Yara loves to appreciate the beauty of Monterey Bay by taking hikes in Big Sur or watching the sunset at Carmel River Beach.

KEVIN MANZANO, UC Santa Cruz | Sept 2019 – Current

Kevin is from Los Angeles, California and a junior at the University Of California Santa Cruz focusing on majoring in Economics. His goal is to help high school and college students use Monterey Bay Career Connect to find and create goals for themselves, and to help them seek opportunities to achieve these goals. Kevin has worked on several projects at MBEP including event planning and management, Student Ambassador recruitment and retention, and community marketing and outreach. He is now working with MBEP’s housing team on a state surplus housing inventory project, which will provide data collection and analysis work experience. 


KUHU MATHUR, UC Irvine| Jan 2021 – Current

Kuhu is a second year Economics major and Global & International Studies minor at University of California, Irvine. She is looking forward to her journey with MBEP. She is especially looking forward to studying and diving deeper into how businesses accomplish their sustainable efforts and how that can positively impact economic prosperity through the ROSI (return on sustainability investments) project at MBEP. She has worked with businesses part of B Local Orange County through her university’s organization. She is interested in understanding how B Corps, corporations with high levels of social and environmental equity certification, develop and run their business. Overall, her passions and interests lie at the intersection of sustainable business development and how corporations can lead the way in the fight against climate change and for social equity. For fun she loves hiking, practicing calligraphy, and learning about sharks!


YOJNA PRASAD, CSU Monterey Bay | Dec 2020 – Current

Yojna is a 4th-year student at CSU Monterey Bay majoring in Sustainable Hospitality Management. By working with MBEP, she is looking forward to connecting with the local businesses and community. Yojna, alongside three other Student Ambassadors, is working on a ROSI (return on sustainability investments) playbook to share with businesses in the Monterey Bay region. She will help with secondary and primary research on different sustainability metrics and indicators, conduct interviews to identify successful case studies, co-design and co-write recommendations for the ROSI Playbook. She hopes to gain awareness of all the programs that MBEP offers, in order to enhance her knowledge for her future career.

VIVIONA REVELES, CSU Monterey Bay | Jan 2021 – Current

Viviona is a fourth year at Cal State Monterey Bay, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Agribusiness and minor in Environmental Science. She is excited to gain more insight into business practices and their responsibilities and actions they make towards climate change issues. She is looking forward to being a Student Ambassador to help MBEP Member, Monterey County, with their Healthy Soils SMART Ag program to connect with businesses and the community, engaging with the County’s sustainability initiative project. Viviona plans to take this passion and knowledge to utilize it for future endeavors within the Agricultural industry. 

MIRANDA SAMPSON, CSU Monterey Bay | Jan 2021 – Current

Miranda Sampson is a third-year undergraduate student at CSUMB majoring in business with a concentration in agribusiness. She is a local from Santa Cruz County and looks forward to working with MBEP to learn more about local agricultural practices in Monterey County, specifically on the sustainability efforts of businesses. She is looking forward to gaining more knowledge about the corporate social responsibility side of agriculture as well as working with other like-minded and enthusiastic individuals. Miranda will be helping Monterey County launch their Healthy Soils SMART Ag program with fellow SA, Viviona Reveles.

Justin Sharer, CalPoly San Luis Obispo | Jan 2021 – Current

Justin Sharer is a first year graduate student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy with a specialization in environmental policy. In his undergrad as a business major, he developed a strong interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and was able to work closely with the top CSR strategists during a previous internship with a Fortune 500 company. Since then, Justin has been able to consult local companies on their CSR practices, and has conducted research on the topic as well. In addition to this research, he has been involved in on-campus qualitative research and has gained interest in research design and practices. In his free time, Justin likes to surf, golf, fish, play basketball, and stay active with his dog Cam. In addition, he is a dedicated landscape photographer with photos displayed in art galleries, magazines, album covers, websites, and art books. In the future, he hopes to pave a career in policy research or policy analysis, and is excited to work with MBEP Member, City of Santa Cruz, in order to develop his skill set while simultaneously working on sustainability and climate oriented projects.


REBECCA SHEDD, UC Santa Cruz | Jan 2021 – Current

Rebecca is a fourth year Global Economics major at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Last year, she studied abroad in Spain and is passionate about learning languages, travelling, and meeting new people. She is interested in the application of economics and data analysis to better understand our hyper-globalized world. With MBEP, she is working on the ROSI project, diving into metrics that businesses use to enhance their sustainability efforts and using data and research to come up with recommendations to help businesses increase these efforts. She is very excited about this opportunity because it takes a very hands-on, data driven approach that has helped her better understand what kind of job she wants for her own career moving forward.


GRANT SIMMONS, Santa Cruz Resident | Jan 2021 – Current

Grant Simmons is a native of Santa Cruz County and a recent graduate of Whitman College where he majored in English and minored in Computer Science. He is interested in pursuing graduate studies in public policy. Through MBEP, Grant is working on the City of Santa Cruz’s Climate Action Program by focusing on facets such as the Existing Building Decarbonization initiative. Grant hopes to gain an understanding of how green energy and sustainability policy can be pursued at the local levels and take that information forward to a greener future.


JULIE STASIUK, Middlebury Institute of International Studies | Oct 2020 – Current 

Julie Stasiuk is a first-year graduate student in the International Environmental Policy program at MIIS, specializing in Sustainability Management. She received her BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Vermont. She loves living in Monterey and is passionate about creating a carbon-neutral world. As an MBEP Student Ambassador, Julie is excited to help Monterey County meet their Climate Action Plan goals by working to electrify the County’s fleet.  

Past Student Ambassadors

Sarah Baghdadi | UC Santa Cruz | Fall 2019, Leah Baker | Monterey Peninsula College | Spring 2020, Xuelian (Lotus) Chen | Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey | Summer 2020, Gabrielle Davila | CSU Monterey Bay | Summer – Fall 2019, Lisa Hood | Cabrillo College | Fall 2020 – Spring 2021, Courtney Liang | UC Santa Cruz | Spring 2019, Malena McKaba | UC Santa Cruz | Fall 2019 – Spring 2020, Ismael Rocha | CSU Monterey Bay | Spring 2019 – Summer 2020, Nichol Veles | CSU Monterey Bay | Spring 2019 – Sping 2020, Ellen (Jingyu) Zhong | Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey | Fall 2019